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Herculiner Testimonials

Looks Like it's Professionally Done. I had been interested in having the bed of my truck professionally sprayed, but the cost had kept me from doing it. I saw an ad for your product in a magazine, did my research on the internet, visited your web site several times and decided to give it a try. WOW...I love this product. It is amazing! I spent 2 days between the prep work and the applications, and it was well worth it. This looks like it was professionally done. The application of this product was a breeze. I am a huge do-it yourselfer and this has to be the best project yet..! Just thought I'd let you know that I am an extremely satisfied customer.

Thanks, Theresa Warner

I recently purchased a 2004 Ford Ranger without a bedliner. I was low on funds and couldn't afford to purchase a plastic liner or have one sprayed on. The solution? HERCULINER! I must say, I found myself a bit sceptical about its performance, but I searched the web and read many testimonials touting its attributes. I was reluctant to scuff up my brand new truck, but I guess you only live once... I followed the directions carefully, and in a few hours - Voila!

I'm thoroughly impressed! My truck looks great, and the bed coating is as tough as iron! The best part is that this lining will LAST! My sincere gratitude for a great and easy to use product!! GO HERC!!

Aaron Gauthier

A Great Fan of Herculiner! I own a 1963 International Scout pickup, that I've completely covered with Herculiner for off-road purposes. It turned out great and was the best thing I could have ever done for my old truck! I did both the inside as well as the outside.

Todd Bishop
My application of your product may seem a bit unique. I am in the process of a ground-up restoration and modification of an '89 Jeep Wrangler. I have completely stripped the interior of this jeep down to the bare metal and have applied your product to the interior sides and floors. I must say, the result is nothing less of spectacular and your product went on easily and with professional looking results. I am impressed!

Yours Truly, Jerry Kirk

This weekend I opted to spray the Herculiner in and it came out great! I have a 2003 Jeep Wrangler and spent Friday and Saturday taking the Jeep apart, sanding, cleaning, masking and spraying the Jeep. I think in total I spent about 18 hours (including reassembly on Sunday) on this project . . . The end result seems impressive and all the guys on the block seemed very impressed by the outcome as well.

Matt Segall
Herculiner works great on my wood trailer! No more worries about a slick surface, and now I don't have to worry about repainting or replacing old wood boards anymore.

Thanks, Herculiner!  Loyd Hensley

I have a 1972 steel bottom house boat. The problem with steel bottoms is, if you beach them then you scrape the paint off, and we all know what happens when you mix water and bare metal. In the past, the only option was to have a local boat repair shop fabricate and weld on a stainless beaching plate to the bow of the ship, which costs a couple grand. I found Herculiner at AutoZone and thought it would work. Installed Herculiner on the bow last season when I took the boat out to inspect and repaint the bottom side. $100 dollars and I beach with peace of mind. Went diving at the end of the season to look at the condition of the bow and it's still perfect! THANKS HERCULINER! I am going to cover my entire inner hull of my 1965 fiberglass run about this winter.

Sincerely, Rick Gullett

I just wanted to let you know that I used your fantastic product on the floor of a 2 horse trailer. I had recently purchased an all aluminum trailer - and while it came with very nice rubber mats on the floor, I wanted to protect the aluminum from organic waste produced by the horses when trailering. So after sanding down the floor I used your product and went over all the edges and seems with the brush and then painted the entire floor with the roller. This stuff is amazing!!! It dried to a perfect protective surface which I'm sure will last for years especially with the rubber mats over top of it. Just wanted to say Thank-you for coming up with such a great protective product and to let you know you might want to advertise it for more than just truck bed use. Amazing stuff!

Sincerely, L.J. Guest

I just wanted to let you know what an awesome product you have. My 15 year old son spend 2 days prepping his 93 Toyota truck. One day painting on his liner and it looks just as good as my husbands spray in liner by LineX that cost over $350 more to have done. Your product was easy to use, gave simple instructions and was everything I hoped for.

Thank you so much! Jennifer Goodell

Here's a new application for your product - In an effort to build a perfect subwoofer enclosure for my Fosgate HX2 DVC, I needed to find something other than the tacky looking carpet that other people use. I braced the MDF enclosure but still had much vibration. I bought a quart of your Herculiner and used every drop on covering every outer wall of my new enclosure. It covered it twice applied very heavily. The result has made me a happy camper. Herculiner has increased the rigidity of the outer walls thereby providing a richer, smoother more solid response from the speaker. Thanks for a great product and by all means, please use this for a testimonial as I've never read about anyone using Herculiner for this application, but the car audio nuts out there need to try this - they will NOT be disappointed!

Sincerely, Chris Chausse

We have to complement on how happy we are with HERCULINER. The product has done everything we had hoped it was going to do. For starters, it has sound proofed our truck amazingly. It has insulated our truck unbelievably, particularly right above where the transmission is. It also is much more skid resistant than just bare metal, which is nice in the muddy terrains we often run in. It has also protected the metal from rusting which drastically helps on our maintenance program. It also gives the truck bed a nice finish look. Lastly, the unsurpassed durability seems to set you apart from everybody else. Just as a side note also, everybody I show your product on my truck thinks that HERCULINER is great; but the ones who really voice their opinion on how great it seems to be are the ones who have made the mistake of having Rhino liner.

Barry Burich

This past summer was the first time I used the Herculiner product on my tractor. Half way through the season my tires had been worn extrememly thin. At several of the pulls the tracks were so tough that chunks of rubber had been torn away from the tires exposing the threads and traces of the inner tube. At that point without new tires I would be unable to compete at the remaining pulls. I could not accept my season being cut short. I wanted to find an economical way to restore and save the tires I had and finish the season. I decided to experiement with the Herculiner product. I found that by applying Herculiner using several specific steps, I could create a competitive tire that had sharp edges and a surface like sand paper that could better grip the track. I started by grinding the edges of the tread and cleaning the surface with alcohol. I applyed one coat of the product according ot the directions to the surface of the tread and let it set for 24 hours. I then sharpened and cleaned the edge of the bars and prepared the tire for the second coat. Instead of stirring the product, I used the can of Herculiner after the can sat all night and the chunks of rubber had settles to the bottom. For the second coat, I applied only the liquid that was left at the top of the can. This hardened the tread on the tires. The first pull after applying Herculiner to my tires I walked away with 1st place in both of the classes I competed in and my tires were still intact. Instead of being forced out of competition by my bad worn out tires, I was able to finish the season and receive the honor of 2003 Season Points Champion thanks to Herculiner!

Joel Conderman

I would like to tell you about what I have done with your product. I bought a 96 Dodge truck about a year and a half ago, which had a new set of very aggressive tires. I started noticing small pits in the paint. Knowing this was coming from rocks getting stuck in the tread and being thrown backward I wanted to find some kind of protection. First I thought about diamond plating the sides of the truck but after see a truck done like that I knew it wasn’t the look for me.

I ran across your company on the Internet and thought about applying it on the sides of my truck. I had never seen a bed liner used the way I thought about using it so I was a little apprehensive about this especially since the truck was in great condition with a nearly perfect paint job. Also, I didn’t know if your product would adhere enough to stand up to these rocks being hurdled into it. So at that time I had sent Herculiner an email asking how tough the product was. I promptly got a return email basically saying that it was close to permanent or at least extremely difficult to remove and very tough.

I considered all the pluses and minuses that I could think of and the benefits seemed to outweigh the negatives. Living in the Sierras it would be a great sealant against rust. Our roads are salted often in the winter. With road construction everywhere in the summer I could think of it as just another layer instead of having to buy tar remover. The email from Herculiner told me that it would protect against rocks. I figured any touch up would be easy. The only negatives that concerned me is would it durable and long lasting and what would it look like?
Well, I decided to take a chance and buy a gallon via your web site last summer. The pics that I have enclosed show the results. I intentionally wanted the look to be as bumpy and tar-like as I could get it. In fact, I had found a roller that had small loops and I used that roller instead of the supplied rollers.

I must say that I am very satisfied with the results. I get a lot of positive comments about it and proudly boast about Herculiner.

Mike Johnston

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