Herculiner Truck Bed Liners in Canada

Proud to be your Exclusive Canadian Warehouse Distributor of
Herculiner® Protective Coatings.

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The Herculiner® Do It Yourself
Brush-On Bed Liner Kit

It's as tough as they come!

- Tough, Textured Polyurethane Coating
- 5 Times Thicker than Other Roll-Ons
- Skid Resistant Surface - Won't Chip, Flake or Peel
- Prevents Rust - Bonds and Seals All Surfaces
- Resistant to Gasoline, Oil, Solvents and Chemicals

The Herculiner Advantage

  • Save hundreds of dollars compared to dealer installed spray-on bed liners

  • Ready to use - Easy to apply - Fast drying

  • Attractive black textured finish

  • Protects against rust and corrosion

  • Waterproof, resistant to chemicals and acids

  • Totally flexible - Won't chip, flake or peel

  • Repairable - Bonds to itself

  • Tough, polyurethane and rubber formula

  • Spray applicable

Every complete ready-to-use kit includes:

- 3.78 litres (1 US gallon) of ready-to-use protective coating
- One application brush for tight spots and corners
- Two rollers for easy/even application
- One roller handle
- One abrasive pad to prepare truck bed
- One can opener


1. PREP - Clean, scuff and mask the truck bed.

2. APPLY - Brush or roll on the ready-to-use coating.

3. DRY - 2-3 hours to the touch; ready for light use in 9-12 hours.
                (allow 2-3 days for curing before heavy duty use)

* 1 kit is sufficient to cover one 6-foot truck bed, suggested retail price is $159.95.
8-foot beds require 1 additional can of coating (946 ml - 1 US quart), suggested retail is $49.95.
(prices are in Canadian dollars)

Don't forget the UV Topcoat Protectant!
UV Topcoat Protectant is highly recommended to protect from UV rays and keep the original lustre and shine.

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