Herculiner Truck Bed Liners in Canada

Proud to be your Exclusive Canadian Warehouse Distributor of
Herculiner® Protective Coatings.

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It's as tough as they come!

The top selling truck bed liner in North America is now available in Canada. You can do it yourself with our roll on bed liner kit or you can choose to have your truck box protected with a professionally sprayed-in application.

HERCULINER® Truck Bed Liners are the durable and inexpensive solution to giving your truck bed new life!  Our proprietary polyurethane and rubber formula is the only do-it-yourself bedliner with a tough, thick, skid-resistant finish that won’t chip, flake or peel.

We also have a UV Topcoat Protectant that will provide strong protection against UV rays and restores shine to weathered polyurethane bed liners.

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