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Why Register?  What are the benefits?

  • Registering your vehicle is highly recommended as the registration and any historical data included will serve as an additional tool to aid future registrants, owners, collectors and connoisseurs in verifying the history of your classic.
  • We can electronically store copies of any pertinent documentation (build sheets, broadcast sheets, spec sheets, etc.) in our secure servers. This will electronically preserve the documents in case of loss or damage.
  • Retrieval of any electronic copies of documentation (build sheets, broadcast sheets, spec sheets, etc.) is always free for the registrant that has supplied us with them for storage.  If the original documents ever become lost or damaged, the registrant can contact us to get a copy, all free of charge.  Please contact us via our feedback form to get a copy for your records; please include the VIN and your contact information for verification.
  • Having registry data readily available can help prospective buyers verify any physical documentation on your vehicle; much like the vehicle history reports available for newer model vehicles with the 17-digit VIN from organizations like CarProof and Carfax.
  • The registration provides independent identification and preservation of the history of your collector vehicle by other enthusiasts, which will help retain and, potentially, increase its value.
  • The data will be recorded and kept in the database indefinitely, for decades to come.  This encourages the preservation of the vehicles as new generations see the rich history behind each one.
  • Registered vehicles may be less attractive candidates for theft due to their registry status; vehicle information will be readily available to law enforcement officers.

* If your vehicle is newer than 1981, with a standardized 17-digit VIN, and you'd like a full vehicle report with all registration and odometer history, please visit Car Proof.


Purpose and Goals of the registry

  • The purpose of this registry is to encourage the preservation and identification of all collector, vintage & classic vehicles.
  • While there are a number of organizations, web sites and registries devoted to specific kinds of cars or trucks, most of them are concerned primarily with maintaining and enhancing just one specific model's long term value and unfortunately most of them do not provide the means to keep a full log of vehicle histories along with copies of the original documentation, this is what sets this registry apart.  A number of these organizations have contributed enormously to preserving interest and value to certain vehicles, we only want to enhance what they have started and allow all collector, vintage and classic vehicle owners to do the same, all in one common place.  Thus, Auto Facts will endeavour to establish and maintain good and mutually beneficial relationships with organizations that have focused on any collectible vehicles in the past.
  • The primary goal is to provide a place for all owners of any classics to register their vehicles and details of ownership. We all know that each one of these vehicles occupy a significant place in automotive history, and this information is vital for establishing a documented history of as many of the remaining number of these vehicles as possible. Every future owner and other interested parties will have a place to go that will provide verification of the lineage of each vehicle for historical purposes and verify details of each vehicle’s past and current condition, including history of ownership, and quality of restoration or preservation, etc., any and all details provided.
  • Auto Facts recognizes the valuable contributions that have been made by many regional and local groups, clubs and racing events that are devoted to the classics. It is our wish to support the continuation of these organizations and events in every possible manner. We encourage these organizations to provide information about their activities and calendar events such that we can publish a calendar of all events that may be of interest to all of our registrants.

About Us

  • The Auto Facts Classic Car Division is non-profit.  We are enthusiasts, and as such, are dedicated to the encouragement, promotion and continuation of the hobby and preservation of the vehicles.  Free services include Classic Car & Vintage Auto Registry registration and storage of copies of original documentation, our Classic Car Classifieds, the Events Calendar, Link Exchanges with related web-sites and clubs & associations, and data such as VIN / serial number decoding information.  We're continually researching and gathering as much info as we can in this area to help provide registrants, collectors and any other interested parties with everything they'd like to know. We ask you to please support our parent company, our sponsors, and our advertisers to ensure the continuation of these services.

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