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Purple Power Now Certified! 

Auto Valet is pleased to announce that its popular aqueous heavy duty cleaner/degreaser, Purple Power, is now certified “Readily Biodegradable” according to international test standard “OECD-301”!

In order to achieve this prestigious certification, a substance must degrade greater than 60% in 28 days.  Purple Power achieved over 90% degradation in just 14 days!

This Canadian-Made product is rapidly becoming a staple in dealerships and service centres across the country as service managers review their current product characteristics and make the switch to a much more earth friendly product.  Typically dealers have continued to use solvent-based engine shampoos, or water-borne products that are Class-8 corrosives.  With the rapid and ever increasing price of solvents in the marketplace, Auto Valet felt that the time was right to press ahead with biodegradable certification of its Purple Power and give the dealer industry an option that will allow them to drastically reduce cost compared to old fashioned solvent cleaners, as well as reduce the amount of flammable chemical in their shops.

Purple Power is one of the most effective products on the market today, and has a multitude of uses in the service and dealer environment.  Used at a 1:1 dilution it will deliver degreasing power comparable to a solvent product.  It can be further diluted and used in shop floor and equipment cleaning applications.  Auto Valet notes that it is rapidly becoming a product of choice for use in automatic floor scrubbers which are becoming more prevalent in the dealer community.  Diluted further, Purple Power can be used in a myriad of applications, such as vehicle detailing, parts and service counter cleanup, etc.

Purple Power is packaged in 4L, 20L, 60L, 210L and 1000L containers to meet the needs of every size service department.  For more information, please contact Denis or Nicole Jolicoeur of Auto Facts in Winnipeg, your Manitoba Distributor for Auto Valet.

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